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"The main difference between Christianity and philosophy is that the latter is human thinking, while Christianity is a revelation of God. It is not a discovery by man but a revelation by God Himself to man.  It was impossible for human logic to find the truths of Christianity.  Where the human word was powerless, there came the divine-human Word, or Christ the Godman, the Word of God." [p. 23]

"We Orthodox are not waiting for the end of history and the end of time, but through living in Christ we are running to meet the end of history and thus already living the life expected after the Second Coming.  St. Symeon the New Theologian says that he who has seen the uncreated light and united with God is not awaiting the Second Coming of the Lord but living it.  So the eternal embraces us at every moment ot time.  Therefore, past, present, and future are essentially lived in one unbroken unity.  This is so-called condensed time." [p. 25]

"Therapy of the soul essentially means therapy and freeing of the nous. Human nature became 'sick' through its fall away from God.  This sickness is mainly the captivity and fall of the nous.  The ancestral sin is that man withdrew from God, lost divine grace, and this resulted in blindness, darkness, and death of the nous.  We can say more accurately that 'the fall of man or the state of having inherited sin is:  a) the failure of his noetic power to function soundly or even to function at all;  b) the confusion of this power with the functions of the brain and of the body in general; and c) its resulting subjection to mental anguish and to the surrounding conditions.  Every person has experience of the fall of his own noetic power to varying degrees, as he is exposed to an environment in which this power is not functioning or is below par... Malfunctioning of the noetic power results in bad relations between man and God and between people.' " [pp. 36-37]

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